Yvonne Kustec- The Pageantry of the Femina

YVONNE KUSTEC - Pageantry of the Femina

OPENING RECEPTION: September 5, 2013  from 8 - 11pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: September 5, 2012 through to September 31, 2013

"Pageantry of the Femina" is a sculptural celebration of femininity, costume, grandeur, ornament and spectacle inspired partly by one of the biggest exhibitions in Alberta, the Calgary Stampede.

Each year during the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth's ten day celebration, pageantry is showcased through elaborate events, showmanship, fireworks, and a parade of Stampede queens, princesses, and rodeo girls.

The work is an interpretation of the bizarre and ornate world of pageantry and commemorates the women who participate and emulate the idea of spectacle through texture and pose, while focusing on the body represented sculpturally as bust, torso, and body.

Stacey Watson and Hye-Seung Jung- All Along

OPENING RECEPTION: February 1, 2013 from 7 - 11pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: February 1, 2013 through to March 8, 2013

Hi! we're just letting you know about Pith Gallery's upcoming exhibition. This is part of the Exposure Photography Festival and features works by two calgary-based contemporary artists! You are welcomed to come to our opening reception on Feb 1st. We would love to get this listed and think that it would make an interesting piece.

"Artists are often keenly aware of social processes such as the formation of a city’s identity and see their role as creative and critical thinkers within these processes to be necessary. In All Along, Hye-Seung Jung and Stacey Watson propose that there are a multitude of cities within every city—as many cities as there are living inhabitants, as well as those gone before and those yet to come."

- Andrea Williamson

Pith Tenant Show

The Pith Annual Tenant's Show


OPENING RECEPTION: December 15, 2012 @ 9PM
EXHIBITION RUNS: December 15 to January 19, 2013

The Pith Annual Tenant's Show features the very best of what the Pith residents have to offer - a wide variety of mediums, styles and subject matter transmuted through Pith's mandate of celebrating irreverent and challenging contemporary art. Pithy works by Pithy people. Curated by Stacey Watson.


Pith Gallery & Studios positions itself uniquely within Calgary's arts community as a space for irreverence, experimentation, and practices that challenge our present conceptions of contemporary art. With the Pith vision at the forefront, the space provides affordable studios to local artists, and exhibits emerging and exciting work that has been sought out as a reflection of current dialogue surrounding contemporary art.

Pith expects to push the boundaries of contemporary art forward, focusing on defining its endeavors within the context of the public sphere. Consistent, responsible, and effective discourse between the broader public community and the space are of utmost importance. Pith desires to situate itself within Calgary's public domain as an engaging and valuable site for new ideas, arts education, and productive debate.


Artists include (but are not limited to)

Wednesday Lupyciw

Jennifer Crighton

Kiarra Albina

Sarah Adams

Leslie Bell

Melanie Aikenhead

John Frosst

Andrew Frosst

Palmer Olson

Sally Raab


Ben Jaques- Pacific Waste




OPENING RECEPTION: August 31st @ 7pm

EXHIBITION RUNS: August 31st - October 7th, 2012

Ben Jacques has been working with drawing and painting since a very young age. His obsession with B-movies, new wave, 80's cartoons, and video games has produced an absurd aesthetic that conjures dark humour and outer-worldly imagery. From airbrushed faux-commercialized logos, video and sound collages made from bad movies to blob like landscapes made in ink, Ben's work all share the same language in a dimension that speaks to themselves. 'Pacific Waste' is a collection of the artists works from august 2011 to august 2012.

A video performance titled 'THE NEW SHREDDERS' ** will be performed by the artist at the opening at Pith on August 31st

Lane Shordee- Hello Neighbour!

OPENING RECEPTION: June 8th, 7 to 11pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: June 1st to July 7th, 2012

Horse-drawn carriage rides: July 7, 1 pm to 4 pm *all ages welcome, donations gratefully accepted.

Hello Neighbour is a mixed media exhibition of sculptures, paintings, video, and handcrafted artifacts. Featuring art ranging in scope from a hand-made (fully functional) shotgun, to a carriage the size of a regular car, Hello Neighbour is a re-invention of Albertan history as told through the handiwork of local artist Lane Shordee. It’s also an incredible document of what people are willing to call garbage – the artwork is constructed primarily from scavenged materials, found in dumpsters throughout lower Mount Royal. A tribute to our history, and a playful comment on consumer culture, Hello Neighbour hearkens to a simpler time, when sweat and dirt marked a cowboy, and neighbourly hospitality was only a tip of the hat away.

The exhibition’s completion day (July 7th) corresponds with the second day of the 100th Calgary Stampede. On this date, the public is invited to visit Pith Gallery between the hours of 1 pm and 4 pm to partake in the carriage’s maiden voyage. C’mon down and pile into the carriage for a ride around Inglewood, drawn by two sturdy workhorses.

Artist Bio:

Hello Neighbour is the first solo exhibition by local artist Lane Shordee. A sculptor, painter, carpenter, and self-proclaimed scavenger, Shordee is a former resident of Regina, Saskatchewan. He moved to Calgary in 2004 to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Alberta College of Art and Design. Since graduating, he’s been involved with a variety of local art shows (Untitled Art Society, Market Collective, The High Performance Rodeo, and Sled Island Art 2012). Perhaps his most public display of artistry, Shordee built a two-storey bicycle-powered whirlpool for The House Project (2011), an exhibition where 8 artists were given a Kensington home, pre-demolition, to transform into a collective art piece: www.housedemolitionproject.wordpress.com. Shordee’s aesthetic demonstrates an interest in functional art, re-useable materials, and transforming spaces.

Lane Shordee’s blog: www.laneshordee.wordpress.com

You can also check out a splendid mini-doc by Caitlind r.c. Brown of Lane's hand-made shotgun at https://vimeo.com/42513274

Ancient Archives

Nov 13, 2009- Jan 9, 2010 Glass Negatives Wilkoz and Way


February 1- March 16th, 2010 Eyelevel  Curated by Tomas Jonsson. Adrian Blackwell, Ossi Kajas, Rufina Wu and Stefan Canham


March 19- May 21, 2010 Harmonic Transvergence Geoff Park


May 29- July 10, 2010 Biennale of Conchmemporary Art  Curated by Stacey Watson and Sarah Adams. Elaine Cameron-Weir, Brandon Doty, Hye-Seung Jung, Tyler Los-Jones, Jenine Marsh and Kim Neudorf, Tess McCaig


July 16- August 25, 2010 Desert Islands Curated by Scott Rogers. Michael Coolidge, Jason de Haan, Amelie Guerin, Jona Hilf Haldorsdottir, Jen Hutton, Duncan MacKenzie and Christian Kuras, Heidi Hove, Mikhel Proulx


September 9- October 15, 2010 Sweater Porn/ The Condemned Jennifer Crighton


December 31, 2010- February 26, 2011 Justin Patterson


March 4- April 9, 2011 Cynthia Ann Broderick and Michael Wallace


May 6- June 10, 2011 Matthew Walker


June 23-July 16, 2011 Resist the Urge to Drift Heather Kai Smith and Kiarra Albina


August 27- October 1, 2011 Sean McAllister and Laura Fetherstonhaugh


October 28- November 12, 2011 Carl Spencer


December 16, 2011- January 13, 2012 White Noise Curated by Jennifer Crighton. Jill Armstrong, Bogdan Cheta, Michael Coolidge, Lisa Benschop, Camille Betts


February 10- March 20, 2012 Liza Mccoy

April 14- May 18, 2012- Chewed Molasses and Subsequent Regrets Curated by Christina Cuthbertson. Mandy Espezel and Shanell Papp

Photo by Stacey Watson. Art by Justin Patterson

Photo by Stacey Watson. Art by Justin Patterson