Ancient Archives

Nov 13, 2009- Jan 9, 2010 Glass Negatives Wilkoz and Way


February 1- March 16th, 2010 Eyelevel  Curated by Tomas Jonsson. Adrian Blackwell, Ossi Kajas, Rufina Wu and Stefan Canham


March 19- May 21, 2010 Harmonic Transvergence Geoff Park


May 29- July 10, 2010 Biennale of Conchmemporary Art  Curated by Stacey Watson and Sarah Adams. Elaine Cameron-Weir, Brandon Doty, Hye-Seung Jung, Tyler Los-Jones, Jenine Marsh and Kim Neudorf, Tess McCaig


July 16- August 25, 2010 Desert Islands Curated by Scott Rogers. Michael Coolidge, Jason de Haan, Amelie Guerin, Jona Hilf Haldorsdottir, Jen Hutton, Duncan MacKenzie and Christian Kuras, Heidi Hove, Mikhel Proulx


September 9- October 15, 2010 Sweater Porn/ The Condemned Jennifer Crighton


December 31, 2010- February 26, 2011 Justin Patterson


March 4- April 9, 2011 Cynthia Ann Broderick and Michael Wallace


May 6- June 10, 2011 Matthew Walker


June 23-July 16, 2011 Resist the Urge to Drift Heather Kai Smith and Kiarra Albina


August 27- October 1, 2011 Sean McAllister and Laura Fetherstonhaugh


October 28- November 12, 2011 Carl Spencer


December 16, 2011- January 13, 2012 White Noise Curated by Jennifer Crighton. Jill Armstrong, Bogdan Cheta, Michael Coolidge, Lisa Benschop, Camille Betts


February 10- March 20, 2012 Liza Mccoy

April 14- May 18, 2012- Chewed Molasses and Subsequent Regrets Curated by Christina Cuthbertson. Mandy Espezel and Shanell Papp

Photo by Stacey Watson. Art by Justin Patterson

Photo by Stacey Watson. Art by Justin Patterson