Lane Shordee- Hello Neighbour!

OPENING RECEPTION: June 8th, 7 to 11pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: June 1st to July 7th, 2012

Horse-drawn carriage rides: July 7, 1 pm to 4 pm *all ages welcome, donations gratefully accepted.

Hello Neighbour is a mixed media exhibition of sculptures, paintings, video, and handcrafted artifacts. Featuring art ranging in scope from a hand-made (fully functional) shotgun, to a carriage the size of a regular car, Hello Neighbour is a re-invention of Albertan history as told through the handiwork of local artist Lane Shordee. It’s also an incredible document of what people are willing to call garbage – the artwork is constructed primarily from scavenged materials, found in dumpsters throughout lower Mount Royal. A tribute to our history, and a playful comment on consumer culture, Hello Neighbour hearkens to a simpler time, when sweat and dirt marked a cowboy, and neighbourly hospitality was only a tip of the hat away.

The exhibition’s completion day (July 7th) corresponds with the second day of the 100th Calgary Stampede. On this date, the public is invited to visit Pith Gallery between the hours of 1 pm and 4 pm to partake in the carriage’s maiden voyage. C’mon down and pile into the carriage for a ride around Inglewood, drawn by two sturdy workhorses.

Artist Bio:

Hello Neighbour is the first solo exhibition by local artist Lane Shordee. A sculptor, painter, carpenter, and self-proclaimed scavenger, Shordee is a former resident of Regina, Saskatchewan. He moved to Calgary in 2004 to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Alberta College of Art and Design. Since graduating, he’s been involved with a variety of local art shows (Untitled Art Society, Market Collective, The High Performance Rodeo, and Sled Island Art 2012). Perhaps his most public display of artistry, Shordee built a two-storey bicycle-powered whirlpool for The House Project (2011), an exhibition where 8 artists were given a Kensington home, pre-demolition, to transform into a collective art piece: Shordee’s aesthetic demonstrates an interest in functional art, re-useable materials, and transforming spaces.

Lane Shordee’s blog:

You can also check out a splendid mini-doc by Caitlind r.c. Brown of Lane's hand-made shotgun at