Pith Tenant Show

The Pith Annual Tenant's Show


OPENING RECEPTION: December 15, 2012 @ 9PM
EXHIBITION RUNS: December 15 to January 19, 2013

The Pith Annual Tenant's Show features the very best of what the Pith residents have to offer - a wide variety of mediums, styles and subject matter transmuted through Pith's mandate of celebrating irreverent and challenging contemporary art. Pithy works by Pithy people. Curated by Stacey Watson.


Pith Gallery & Studios positions itself uniquely within Calgary's arts community as a space for irreverence, experimentation, and practices that challenge our present conceptions of contemporary art. With the Pith vision at the forefront, the space provides affordable studios to local artists, and exhibits emerging and exciting work that has been sought out as a reflection of current dialogue surrounding contemporary art.

Pith expects to push the boundaries of contemporary art forward, focusing on defining its endeavors within the context of the public sphere. Consistent, responsible, and effective discourse between the broader public community and the space are of utmost importance. Pith desires to situate itself within Calgary's public domain as an engaging and valuable site for new ideas, arts education, and productive debate.


Artists include (but are not limited to)

Wednesday Lupyciw

Jennifer Crighton

Kiarra Albina

Sarah Adams

Leslie Bell

Melanie Aikenhead

John Frosst

Andrew Frosst

Palmer Olson

Sally Raab