Yvonne Kustec- The Pageantry of the Femina

YVONNE KUSTEC - Pageantry of the Femina

OPENING RECEPTION: September 5, 2013  from 8 - 11pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: September 5, 2012 through to September 31, 2013

"Pageantry of the Femina" is a sculptural celebration of femininity, costume, grandeur, ornament and spectacle inspired partly by one of the biggest exhibitions in Alberta, the Calgary Stampede.

Each year during the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth's ten day celebration, pageantry is showcased through elaborate events, showmanship, fireworks, and a parade of Stampede queens, princesses, and rodeo girls.

The work is an interpretation of the bizarre and ornate world of pageantry and commemorates the women who participate and emulate the idea of spectacle through texture and pose, while focusing on the body represented sculpturally as bust, torso, and body.