PITH is excited to announce our next project, POPUPITH. Located in Willow Park, the exhibition is presented in collaboration with Lukes Drug Mart and features works by Kris Lindskoog, Neal Moignard, and Jesse Stillwell. The show runs Dec 15-31.

Curatorial Statement:

The contemporary artists of Calgary are a critical part of the city’s cultural identity. Artists have had the opportunity to thrive, in part due to an acceptance and embrace that takes an entire community to maintain. Although contemporary art is often concentrated in the Calgary downtown core, we would like to explore the entirety of the city, including the suburbs, since we are all one city. For art to move forward, we have to look to those who support the arts. It is our hope to foster the relationship between viewer and artist through critical discourse that leads to an overall greater understanding, and a greater sense of the people who inhabit the city of Calgary.

Opening Reception: Friday, December 18th 6-9pm 

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1710961882469809/